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After receiving an initial quote from us,  please fill out the form below and mail in the device to: 
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Data Services Most people have irreplaceable pictures, documents, movies & music on their computers. As such we recommend everyone preform regular data back‐up. We can back up your data at extremely competitive rates.

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Acknowledgment of Terms and conditions Policy on Data loss

Requested repair and/or installation service may cause partial or complete data loss from your equipment. You must maintain backups and assume all responsibility for restoring any loss of data or software. RCR Repair offers a data backup service to assist In this process. Responsibility for Charges All charges are due and payable before any equipment will be release. A valid proof of purchase must be provided before any warranty work will be performed. Operating system corruption, software configurations, virus and malware detection\removal and “No problem Found” are not covered by the manufacture’s warranties and normal non‐warranty diagnostic and repair rates will apply.